A Community of Givers

The following supporters have made forward-thinking contributions toward this campaign, ranging from financial gifts and grant funding to in-kind donations of goods or services. Their gifts are reflected here, as they will also be at the Tower Ridge Chalet.

You can also become a part of this generous and growing list of people and organizations, those passionate about the outdoors and winter recreation, by donating now.

Olympic Supporters - $10,000+

Zacho Sports Damin Zacho

R.W. Baird Allen Campbell

Larson Orthodontics

Gold Medal Supporters - $5,000-$9,999

Kickin Kids Youth Ski League Kickin’ Kids (Eau Claire Youth Ski League)

Volume One Volume One Magazine

Schmoldt Law Office

Midwest Institute Scandinavian Culture

Silver Medal Supporters - $2,500-$4,999

Chris and Carol Gorzek

Julia Kyle

Fred & Theresa Boetcher

Cadence Design Systems Cadence Design Systems

Bronze Medal Supporters - $1,000-$2,499

Chippewa Valley Nordic

Idea Fund venture capital

Spring Street Sports

Gingras, Thomsen and Wachs, LLP

Augusta Blueberries

Xcel Energy

Howards Hardware Hank, Arcadia WI

Disa Wahlstrand

Dave & Becky Wood

Mike & Christine Howe

Benjamin Michael

Pat & Sue Quinn

Daniel & Kerry Kincaid

Terrence Miskulin

Mike & Christine Howe

Marvin & Lorrie Franson

Michael & Joanna Colgan

John Stien

Jonathon Horne

Robert & Teresa Olson

Kevin & Sarah Wergeland

Bob & Robin Burch

Gale & Jan Otterholt

Joe & Catherine Wildenberg

Curt Travis

Amy Rantala M.D.

Terrie Hanke

Anonymous $1,000

Bob Schwartz & Cheryl Muller

Nick & Sally Meyer

Team Level Supporters - $250-$999

Oak Park Dental


Mark & Emily Blaskey

Mark & Patricia Sontag

Julie & Tim Anderson

Ben & Jennifer Seibel

James & Debra Tenorio

Rodney & Ruth Erickson

Jonathan & Holly Peters

Lindsey Hillesheim

Archie & Laura Ecker

Dave & Mindy Rosenberger

Chuck & Lorraine Henning

Kevin & Joy Potter

Kirk Dahl

Mark & Patricia Sontag

Matt & Amanda Molback

John Pedersen

James Vaudreuil

Lindsey Hillesheim

Steve & Julie Maciosek

Beth & Matt Meierstein

Scott Zielski

Barton & Tracy Guo

Derek Gingerich & Jamie Lyman‑Gingerich

Bob Jankowski

Tim & Mary Shepardson

Todd Leavitt

Mike Prasher

Kaia Simon & Jim Pedicone

Robert Murphy

Heidi Jarecki

Sue & Brad Lindstedt

Jeff Thielen

In Memory of Lance Scott

Kim Stien

Peter & Randi Scobie

Gale & Jan Otterholt

Bob Burch

David & Gloria Weiss

Lorraine Henning

Barbara McDermid

Mark & Joanne Stuttgen

Kevin Potter

Rolf Van Houten

Fan Level Supporters - $100-$249

Adam & Allison Freese

Allison Wilson

Arlyn Stertz

Barb Olson

Beth Martin

Bob Boone

Brian & Nathan Graff

Carl & Mary Kae Walters

Carlyn Conway

Carrie Mowry

Cheryl & Doug Lochner-Wright

Christopher Ploenzke

Claudia Whitney

Colleen Duffy

Dan & Ali Rouse

Darryll Farmer

David & Diane Lund

David Bell

Dean & Denise Tabor

Deborah & Charles Wells

Deborah Raehl

Denise & Ted Theyerl

Denise Madland

Dick Johnston

Don Louis Bredle

Elke & Robert Swanson

Elke Swanson

Emily Fibeger

Erin Gunderson

Hannah Hidaka

James & Jane Anklam

James Murray

Jeff Sylvester

Jeffrey VanWormer

Jesse Quinn

Jim Murray

Joe & Bonni Knight

John & Nancy Kann

John Winegarden

Jon Fibeger

Josh Fisher

Justine & Chris Johnson

Karen Possley

Karyn Nyhus

Kate Holmes Thompson & Erik Thompson

Keith Agner

Kim & Jerry Porter

Krista Dahlby

Laura & Drew Nelson

Leslie Johnson

Linda & Stephen Erickson

Marell Country Estates

Megan Bollman

Megan Zabel Holmes

Michael Leaf

Michelle Urlaub

Paul & Lynn Schwartz

Rae Schilling & Anton Smets

Rebecca Carter

Rich Swanson

Richard Cochrane

Ronald & Ellen Hon

Sarah Bredle

Sasha King

Scott & Yvonne Kuehn

Sharon Alfuth

Sharon Crane

Stan & Sue Pieterick

Steve Wood

Sue McDonald

Tami Schraufnagel

Tim & Shawna Mess

Todd Wanous

NOTE: We try to keep this list updated daily, but please allow a couple of days for your name to appear on this list of supporters.

Supporting businesses and organizations in the medal-level categories are reflected with their logos, while individuals and families are listed with their names.

Supporters of previous improvement campaigns at Tower Ridge can be seen throughout the facility, like on this plaque inside the chalet.